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The new three-level station will be a key element of the New Center of Łódź. On the second level, situated 16,5 m underground, there will be a railway station with four platforms and eight tracks. The new station will be able to dispatch 20 times more passengers than now (even up to 200 000 a day).

On the first level, 8 meters underground, there will be a concourse including waiting room, ticket offices, commercial facilities, rooms for the station’s management and technical personnel. On this level the passengers will also be able to transfer to the buses since a multi-bay bus stop is planned here. There will also be a parking lot for cars and bicycles.

On the street level there will be main entrances to the building – eastern and western, and side entrances from north and south. Here one can also take a walk around the passage whose most characteristic elements shall be the reconstructed façade of the old Łódź Fabryczna station.

The task of the Consortium Torpol-Astaldi-PBDiM-Intercor is not only the construction of a new building of the station, but also modernization of about 2,5 km of tracks in the direction of Łódź Widzew, and building a new, about 1700 m long, tunnel for long-distance, regional and agglomeration transport.

The modern station will become the main part of a multi-modal transport junction which will connect agglomeration and conventional railway, long-distance buses, city public transport and private car transport in the city center.

The main elements of the transport system within Łódź Fabryczna station shall be the newly designed streets: Nowotargowa and Nowowęglowa. The present-day Węglowa street will be completely liquidated.

The existing tram line will be reconstructed on the fragment from Narutowicza to Tuwima.
There will be new tram stops built on the southern side. They will be equipped with shelters and information boards displaying trams schedule, and connected via fiber optic to the Local Traffic Control System.

Road system around the station will be reconstructed considerably. Access to Łódź Fabryczna railway station will be possible from the following streets: P.O.W., Składowa and Węglowa. From the northern side there will be a new access road to the station, built along the existing alignment of Składowa, Węglowa and POW between Kilińskiego and the newly designed extension of Uniwersytecka street. New tram stops and tram routes shall be constructed as well.

The station reconstructed in this way can become a part of a designed cross-city railway line which would run under the city center of Łódź and which would service regional and high-speed trains. In order to create this line, additional system of underground tunnels connecting Łódź Fabryczna with Łódź Kaliska will be necessary. Travel time between the capital and Łódź via express train Warsaw-Łódź-Poznań-Wrocław will be shortened to circa an hour, which will also enable faster access to Wrocław and Poznań, and further – to Prague and Berlin.

Total cost of the project: 1 759 289 451 PLN.

Take a look at movies from the construction-site

Take a look at photos from the construction-site